Selling Rules

Quotes for all consoles, cell phones, and games are based upon fully functional devices or games. The exception is when 'BROKEN' is selected when selling your device.

Quotes for consoles are valid providing seller includes a functional power supply/cord and at least one controller. The omission of a fully functional controller will reduce the payout $10 and additional controllers will increase the payout by $10 each.

Consoles infested with cockroaches (yes it happens) will be returned at the sellers expense.

We do not accept blacklisted or devices reported lost or stolen. These devices will be returned at the sellers expense. All devices blocked or banned due to non-payment or misuse will be purchased at the broken price.

Sellers who have not respond within 60 days for a returned device by submitting return postage are presumed to have abandoned their device and said device will be disassembled to recoup the cost of shipping.

Sellers should package all consoles in a medium USPS flat rate box (there are two sizes of medium and either appropriate size will do).

Sellers should mail all cell phones in the smallest USPS flat rate box appropriate for the number of devices. Please include bubble wrap around the device.

Sellers should mail all games in the appropriate size flat rate box for the quantity shipped.

Preparing your phone for sale


Be sure to turn off Find My iPhone and completely logout of iMessage and iCloud.


Be sure to remove screen locks, remove your Google account, remove your Samsung account then do a factory reset.